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Director, Editor in Madrid Destino

Santiago Alcázar

Born in Logroño (La Rioja - Spain) in 1980, from a very young age he began to take an interest in the audiovisual world, making animation pieces and learning music. After beginning studies of Superior Architecture (University of the Basque Country) and for family reasons, he completed the Specialist Teaching Diploma in Music Education (University of La Rioja) and the official studies in Audiovisuals (Video Study Centers - Madrid) with which he acquired experience in various positions in various media and ended up working in Canal + Spain. Shortly after, he started working as a Director at esMadridTv, the first channel with 16: 9 broadcast from Spain directing promotions and a musical program with live performances. esMadridTv closes in 2010 and he continues as Film Director for Madrid City Council in Madrid Destino. Santiago has more than 20 international awards for several of the videos he has directed.