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Artistic lead in cooperation with Slovenian Tourist Board

Nina Kurnik

Artistic lead in cooperation with Slovenian Tourist Board;
• visual artist-illustrator, storyteller, official digital creator Instagram Feelslovenia
• author of illustrated Stories and IGTV @feelslovenia for the Slovenian tourist board
• author of live videos
• awarded with Gold and Silver at ITB
Berlin (Multimedia competition - Golden City Gate); among them two in "innovation": Gold award - 1st Star Award in 2019 (@feelslovenia IG Stories) and Silver award - 2nd Star Award, in 2021 (IGTV @feelslovenia). Nina Kurnik connects illustration, photography, video, design and creative writing into the art of storytelling. Her works are a mixture of different approaches intertwined with a deep understanding of compositions, colours and shapes. After years of research and experience in content creation, illustration and digital communication, she has evolved a specific approach to communicate with users on digital platforms. Innovation in digital tools and features on platforms like Instagram and Facebook keeps being a challenge and a constant reminder - the digital world is infinite. Each element of Stories and IGTVs on @feelslovenia platforms is like a digital painting, by now remarkable for @feelslovenia storytelling. By developing a unique approach in the art of storytelling throughout Feelslovenia communication channels, Nina's painted graphics, stories, and IGTVs have reached millions of potential tourists worldwide.