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Creative Director at Sines3

Cristina Quirós

Graduated in advertising and PR, creative director, DJ and event promoter. Cristina Quirós, from Madrid who has lived on the island of Ibiza since 2002, where she has combined both sides of it. The musical and the advertising. In the advertising part Cristina has a background of work in search of ideas for agencies such as Casadevall-Pedreño, Mccann Erickson or AGR. Being awarded the Lion to creative young people at the Cannes International Festival in 2000, among other awards and working for accounts such as Coca Cola, El País, Red Cross, Iberia, Tourism of Spain, Food Bank, Ibiza, Movistar, among other Already in Ibiza, Cristina has been responsible for campaigns for the tourism promotion of Ibiza, sponsored by the Consell Insular 2008. She has worked as a freelance for most sectors of the island. She designed the strategy and image concept for the prestigious international radio station Ibiza Sonica. In addition to performing regularly as a DJ in Ibiza, leading her promoter Pareidolia (looking for happy faces) with events around the world from Tulum, Dubai, Shanghai, Toronto, Amsterdam or Ibiza itself. Cristina applies creativity to her life from her island refuge where that naive spirit softens the corporatism of traditional advertising.