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CEO and President of Interface Tourism Spain

Chris Pomeroy

He is the CEO and president of Interface Tourism Spain and general secretary of Travel Consul. During more than 30 years, Christopher has successfully designed and implemented marketing and communication strategies for more than 50 leading brands in the global tourist industry, including corporations such as Expedia, Latam Airlines Group, Ethiopian Airlines, Kayak, and several destinations such as Chile, Kenya, Philippines, Slovenia, Gambia, Dubai and Iceland. Also working in Spain, Christopher has a deep knowledge of the European emitter market and has coordinated European promotional strategies for various destinations and companies in the Central and South America, that have Madrid as the European hub (Panama, Ecuador, Central America Tourism Association, Latam Airlines, etc.). His most recent consultancy work includes a benchmarking project and recommendations for the restructuring and digital transformation of the Brazilian tourism promotion entity, EMBRATUR. Chris is also a regular speaker in several high-level international events, centered on the management of destinations and the tourist industry; in fact, last year he was invited as a speaker to events in Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Panama.