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CEO at Sines3

Adrià Tugues Tur

Adria Tugues has practically seen her life through a viewer, since from an early age she worked in audiovisual media: At the age of 20 she founded her own production company with which she made a multitude of productions such as spots, documentaries, short films, music videos and videos. promotional tourism, becoming one of the promoters and references of the audiovisual industry of Ibiza. After more than 20 years in the audiovisual sector, and thanks to Sines3, she embarks on the world of advertising creativity with her partner Cristina Quirós, with whom she forms a team that gains the trust of island brands and institutions. A multidisciplinary combination that combines international creative advertising experience, production technique and local talent and adaptation to the medium. Creating unique and more productive advertising campaigns. Where ideas are adapted to the circumstances of the sector that is in constant trend changes.