Laura García

Marketing, Visit Benidorm


Currently immersed in the project of the Tourism Foundation of Benidorm (Visit Benidorm), which is a challenge, working to publicize the benefits of a destination with great experience in the world of tourism but at the same time, with a wide ignorance of the possibilities it offers. In my time as a student, it was called “repositioning a mature destiny”, I call it “rediscovering Benidorm”.
Among my work in the marketing department of the Foundation, I am specialized in the markets of Southern Europe, where I try to deepen every day, including the language (I speak French, Portuguese, Italian and English).
I combine geographical immersion in these markets with the promotion of SPORTS TOURISM, in which I am increasingly specialized, with special emphasis on running, swimming and diving (sports that I practice and I am passionate about). I work to value women in sport (#SHErunsBenidorm project) and highlight the importance of family reconciliation, a segment in which I also work and have specialized (FAMILY TOURISM).
There are many and varied tasks that I carry out in promotion (see the section of Visit Benidorm) and those that I have developed throughout my life, because if I presume something, it is to know very well the tourism sector having worked in various fields (tourist consulting, Community Manager, Tourist guide, booking at TTOO ...).
I feel fortunate in my professional career and grateful to those who gave me the opportunity to grow professionally.