xavi Conesa

Xavi Conesa

Director of Customer Services, VISYON


Xavi Conesa is the Director of Customer Services at VISYON. He is responsible for the business areas of the company in Spain and internationally, as well as the departments of Marketing and Public Relations.

He has studies in Psychology and Computer Science specializing in the digital area and user experience in digital and communication environments.

Since his incorporation in VISYON in 2015, Xavi Conesa has managed the area of ​​emerging technologies, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 Video.

His work in Visyon has contributed to its development and expansion, as well as the international recognition in projects of Virtual Reality and 360 Video, achieving different awards and international mentions for the company.

As Public Relations, he has given different conferences around Spain, as well as training in different Workshops in schools and events on Immersive technologies applied in digital and communication environments (VR DATE, FICOD, FUTURIZZ, Jornadas Comertia, Sitges International Festival and Samsung dev fun, among other, what has served to be a reference speaker in the technology sector.


VR and AR as a marketing tool for destinations.
Date: 22nd January | Location: Cineteca Madrid, Sala Plató - Registration required