Ringailė Leščinskienė

Executive Producer, Funky Production House & Line Production


Lithuanian producer more than 10 years of experience, working in Georgia and Lithuania, cooperating with major international agencies and clients (banks, telecommunications, beverages and food industry companies, etc.)

Ringaile is the owner of the Georgian production company ,,Funky Production House” and international TVC production company ,,Line production“ which produces films, video commercials and TV projects.

Ringaile has made over 100 video commercial projects in Lithuania, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, France, Germany and Russia. She produced 10 TV series and 3 short films.

Currently she is working on a feature Georgia/Slovakia/Lithuania co-production film (working title) "The Missing Tune". One of the latest commercial tourism project ,,Dinner with Georgia" is the winner of PR Lions ,,Cannes International Festival of Creativity“. The "6th Millionth Tourist Campaign" was shortlisted in three categories, winning the Bronze and the Silver Lion, making it the first silver for Georgia. This project was the winner at the ,,Golden Hammer“ and thereafter has been presented at various festivals across Europe. It was then awarded silver in Media / Special Events & Stunts , PR / Events – Shortlist, Promo / Stunts and Live Advertising – Shortlist, Digital / Platforms – Shortlist in Riga, Latvia.


Dinner with Georgia. - Case Studie
Date: 24th JanuaryLocation:Conde Duque, Salón de Actos - Registration required