Madrid 20-24 Enero

Las mejores acciones y campañas de comunicación turística aterrizan en Madrid.

Casos de estudio y sesiones con y los profesionales que las hacen realidad.

Y la competición de audiovisuales de todos los destinos presentes en FITUR.

¿Cuál te inspirará más?

“Video is an important storytelling tool to allow audiences to experience destinations in a unique, personal way. Through video, viewers can get as close to a first-hand experience as possible. It’s a dynamic journey that exposes viewers to places from the comfort of their own homes – before making the leap to visit.”

__Candace Nelson, Digital Marketing Coordinator, West Virginia Tourism Office in”The Modern Tourism Marketer’s Guide to Video” CrowdRiff

“Video is becoming one of the main tools in online marketing. The last couple of years Visit Greenland has allocated more and more resources into video production. Since August 2016 we have had a full time in-house videographer. We have also purchased a drone and 360 degree video equipment. We observe an increasingly laser focus on videos in our content mix, and more and more positive effect from our videos. We are closely following the trends within online marketing, by reading authoritative blogs, attending conferences etc., and we also expect video to become one of the main tools of online marketing in the next couple of years. What happens behind that horizon nobody knows for sure, as things are changing extremely fast in this field.”

__Mads Lumholt, Senior Consultant - Market Research, Visit Greenland in”The Modern Tourism Marketer’s Guide to Video” CrowdRiff

“At Tourism Australia we’ve figured out a system that allows us to keep producing new video content at the pace people are consuming it! I work with freelancers in different time zones. I can send them some raw footage at the end of the work day, and when I get in the next morning, I’ll have a videoready and optimized specifically f or each channel: Facebook, organic and paid spots, Instagram, Stories, and Twitter.””

__Jesse Desjardins, Global Head of Social & Content, Tourism Australia in”The Modern Tourism Marketer’s Guide to Video” CrowdRiff

”The cost of 360 has dropped significantly in the last three years. In the past, we’d usually take 15 VR headsets and help people put them on at events. Now we’ll purchase hundreds of Google Cardboard headsets and give one to everyone at a conference and give them instructions to download a 360 video."

__Janice Fraser, Managing Editor, Destination British Columbia in”The Modern Tourism Marketer’s Guide to Video” CrowdRiff


Landing-Madrid cconsagrará durante cuatro jornadas varias actividades a la comunicación y el marketing turísticos.
Landing-Madrid es un proyecto organizado por Turismo del Ayuntamiento de Madrid conjuntamente con el CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals) y Terres Travel & Landscape Communication.